Alcohol Agreement Form

[Company name] prohibits all employees, including the employee working under government contracts, production, distribution, distribution, possession or use of an illegal drug in or on the company`s site or during the business. [Company name] Employees are also prohibited from abusing mandatory or over-the-counter medications. Law enforcement personnel may be notified when criminal activity is suspected. [Company name] supports and assists employees who voluntarily seek help for drug or alcohol problems before becoming more disciplinary or subject to resignation in accordance with this policy or other [company names]. These staff members may benefit from accrued paid leave that is placed on leave of absence, returned to treatment providers and housed elsewhere in accordance with legal requirements. Staff members may be asked to demonstrate that they are successfully undergoing the prescribed treatment and to perform follow-up tests and to pass if they have performed safety or conduct tasks or have previously violated this directive. Once a drug test is in place under this directive, the worker will have lost the opportunity to obtain leave for treatment, unless otherwise required by the Family and Medical Leave Act or the Americans with Disabilities Act, and will face possible discipline up to dismissal. “refusal of cooperation,” an obstacle to the investigation or testing process; Submit a modified, falsified or replacement sample Not to be posted for a scheduled test Refuse to complete the requested drug testing forms; or refrain from submitting samples for examination without delay if they are asked to do so, with no valid medical basis for failure. Staff members who leave the accident site without a reasonable explanation before being tested for drugs and alcohol are also considered non-cooperative and are automatically dismissed. Staff members are subject to review on the basis of observations (but not limited) made by at least two members of the management of use, detention or impairment.

(Hr, Chief Operating Officer or Chief Operating Officer must be consulted before a staff member is sent for review. Management should use the checklist to observe suspicions to document specific observations and behaviours that give reasons to suspect that a staff member is under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol. For example, staff tested for blood alcohol are transported to a facility designated by [company name] and it is advisable to provide breath samples. Breath samples are tested by technicians trained with federally licensed blood alcohol testing devices, capable of providing printed results that identify the employee.