Uipath End User License Agreement

A kind of license that allows the user to do so. It allows it to record any number of robots on any computer, as long as the same Active Directory username is present on each of them. The user is not allowed to use multiple robots at the same time. For customers with withdrawn competing licenses, UiPath strives to obtain them by providing tailored business agreements to all customers. These agreements may include exclusive discounts, including for multi-user add-on. 5. Customer guarantees. The client assures and guarantees that: (i) he has all the rights and rights necessary to fulfil these specific conditions and fulfil his obligations under this framework; (ii) it will use the UiPath Cloud platform in strict compliance with the agreement and with all applicable laws and regulations (including local laws or regulations, states, cities or other government territories, with respect to online behavior and acceptable content regarding any information provided by UiPath or used by the UiPath Cloud platform); (iii) obtained all rights, permissions or consents of authorized users and third parties necessary for the lawful use of customer data and the operation of the UiPath Cloud Platform, including, but not exclusively, the right to license as described in the “Customer Data License” section; (iv) none of the customer data transmitted, downloaded or disseminated by the customer via UiPath Cloud Platform violates the rights of an authorized representative or a third party or is in conflict; (v) it is responsible for the behaviour of its authorized users and their compliance with the terms of the agreement. Robotic licenses only work with one customer. It is possible to have an orchestrator license per client or by several clients. 3.

License customer data. Subject to this agreement, the customer (for himself and all of its authorized users) grants UiPath and its related companies a global, non-exclusive and limited license for access, use, process, copy, distribution, execution, export and display of customer data, provides reasonably necessary (a) to provide, maintain and update the Ui CloudPath platform; b) services, security, assistance or repair issues; (c) in accordance with the UiPath Cloud platform`s privacy law or policy. It is not possible to launch multiple commands on Studio or StudioX Named User Robots that have the same Active Directory username but are on different computers.