Uta Preceptor Agreement

I`m sure it`s so disheartening! Does your school offer a list of receiver sites with which it has already entered into a contract? I know it`s often the investment agreement that takes a lot of time, so maybe starting with sites that already have it would save time. I`m a student nurse midwife and I`m starting to look for receivers. Our advisor said that if we don`t get a lot of answers or a lot of rejection, it might be better to try to go in person. My friend graduated from UTA, and there was discussion that their NPF program was everywhere, and they were not too helpful if you got teachers if you didn`t meet the deadline. My friend graduated last summer, so I don`t know if their program is better or not. Look at the Facebook groups for UTA NPs and see if you can get an idea of what they are. Still recommend changing because UTA is a better name than online schools and most teachers would think better if you go there than online. Good luck! Change. Although I think the training you receive is mainly receptors and you do what you can do during clinical clinics, online schools have a bad rep. And I think education for NPs is kind of below average. I haven`t started asking for MDs around here yet. Honestly, I`d prefer an NP as a receiver.

You understand the profession, the scope of the practice and you are also nurses. I feel like an MD would expect me to unravel directly, as if I were not in medical school. So it was a long journey, and I`m halfway to my FNP program with UTA. Although my counsellor told me that it was too early to look for receptors and that we had to start 6 months before our first clinical illness, I took the leap and started contacting several FNPs in the area. To my surprise and surprise, many of them are booked for the next semester, that is, until 2020. My closing date is May 2020, it`s a big shock for me. I also discovered that Houston-area hospitals favoured students from UTH, UTMB, TWU and Texas Tech. I don`t know what to do now. Try to go to a local trasnfer school and lose some credits? I`ve been going back and forth since I started NPF level school, so I should have it, but it`s too late to stop now. My question is whether I should go from the online school I went to, Chamberlain, to a school that is actually based in my state, UT Arlington.