Activity Agreement Highland Council

If you are interested in an activity agreement, please contact your career counsellor, counsellor, youth facilitator or social worker. Make sure a personal advisor works with you to set up an apprenticeship program that meets your needs. Young people who have activity agreements may be entitled to a living allowance for educational life. An activity agreement is an apprenticeship and activity program that an advisor helps to build a young person so that, if ready, he can move from the youth to training, training or employment. It can include volunteering, short courses, assisted learning and hands-on experience. Each agreement is tailored to the person. In order to benefit from an activity agreement, young people must not be able or willing to access other postal education options due to problems such as absenteeism, disability or learning difficulties. In Highland, activity agreements are for young people who may need additional support to find employment, training or continuing education. These include young people who: the Chairman of the Education Committee, John Finlayson, welcomed the appointment of Ms.

Grant. For more information on activity agreements, please contact your nearest office in Skills Development Scotland. The activity agreements are for young people who have left school, and she said, “My passion and commitment to improving outcomes for all children and adolescents in the Highlands is what drives all my decisions, plans and actions.” Effective partnership within and outside the Council`s sectors is the key to sustainable growth and an upward trend. The Youth Employment Unit, which is part of the Council`s employability service, includes a number of provisions, including activities officially known as activity agreements. Before her serious injury, she was a professional footballer, played for Arsenal and Frankfurt and was blocked 98 times for her country. Britain`s leading energy coaches, Survivex and AIS Training, have developed a comprehensive free guide for the wind industry for companies looking to diversify or secure work in this sector. “I am privileged to have the opportunity to work with such motivated and talented employees; “link communities and develop lasting partnerships with the progress of our young people, who are at the heart of our work.” Previously, she was head of Elgin High School and chief MP for Kemnay Academy in Aberdeenshire. The current Director of Education at the Highland Council will be strengthened as Acting Executive Chief of Education and Learning.