Antonim Kata Agreement

The antonym or the opposite word is a word that has the opposite meaning to other words. Are you sure we`re familiar with this? Take for example words that have antomine like Hot vs Cold, or the word up vs. bottom, and so on. Encyclopedia article on the Nglish Agreement: translation of the agreement for Spanish spokespeople To add our vocabulary to Iggris, we have the associated antonyms discussed, but we should first identify the category of Antonym below: “Agreement.” thesaurus, Merriam-Webster, Access 27 Nov 2020. Then we look at the use of the word above, including its antonym in a sentence. What made you want to try a deal? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). The example above is an antonym composed of several words in English. If you are careful, there is a word that has more than an antonym. On the contrary, some words have the same antonym of a word.

Take for example with the word fast, fast, quickly has a slow antonym. For example, a word that is an antonym itself that you can see in the table below: so some words in English might have one or more antonyms, the more you master the vocabulary the better. Adding vocabulary makes you more confident in your relationships with others, especially strangers. To make communication more fluid. This is the example of an antonym of words in English and its use in everyday conversation or in a sentence. Lia: If we show up, we`ve got something and we`re going to see movies to make you happier. (Let`s buy something and watch a movie to make you happier.) Ema: But that means I lost my time this year. (But I think I wasted time this year.) Ema: Nothing, except that I missed my exam yesterday. I have tried so hard to study for this event in recent years. (It`s good, but I missed yesterday`s test. I have worked very hard in recent years for exams.) Lia: Don`t be so sad for ema, you`re smart, I hope you try another chance.

(Don`t be too sad for ema, you`re so smart, I hope you try again.) . Lia: Why are you so dark today? Do you feel sick, Ema? (Why do you look sad today? Do you feel the pain of Emas?) Lia: No, it`s not you, you`ve tried and studied so much. And you`ll learn from it, won`t you? (No, you tried and studied hard for that. You`ve learned something, haven`t you?).