Penserv Salary Reduction Agreement

Balance is at the heart of everything we do. Our wide range of third-party administration and registration (TPA) and registration services provide point-by-point monitoring, security and testing to ensure that every aspect of a plan is taken into account and is legally compliant with qualification and regulatory guidelines. . One of the most important decisions for plan sponsors is the choice of a TPA partner. PenServ`s clients rely on us to be a centralized unit of trust that is responsible for addressing the current challenges of plan management and legal compliance. Our wide range of retirement services is tailored to your specific needs. PenServ can lead your current retirement plan in the future with new options and improvements that add value to your employees. Your dedicated PenServ Conversion team performs a due diligence audit of the existing program using a structured process that quickly detects what works and what doesn`t and offers alternative suggestions. For more information on all the services of the De Relationship De PenServ team, please contact 888.473.7888 New Plan or The An Existing Conversion Plan, We Can Help.Call PenServ at 888.473.7888 Since 2007, PenServ has led employers in the targeted design and preparation of the necessary documentation, analysis and management of investment providers and the many compliance responsibilities associated with retirement plans.

As a third-party administrator (TPA), PenServ offers a full range of services designed to ensure the quality and value of your retirement program. Reports for exception, use of investments and events/incidents The relationship team treats all aspects of a retirement plan according to three principles to provide exceptional account service. MONITEUR The relationship team monitors the assigned plan and conducts an annual review to ensure compliance and applicable rules are followed.INFORM If the rules and regulations change, the relationship team informs the plan sponsor of changes that may affect the plan by providing instructions and solutions to meet the specific requirements of the plan sponsor. In addition, the relationship team is available to people requesting information on the procedures for paying benefits. Plan sponsors work with the same account specialists for the duration of the plan. Your PenServ Management Relationship team manages all activities and documentation to relieve plan sponsors of the need to take care of day-to-day administrative duties, saving money and time. The most modern industry standards are available to ensure that all planning and participation data is secure in PenServ`s local and external data centers. Only PenServ computer scientists and programmers have access to PenServ systems.

The data center is monitored and controlled by 2-part electronic identification with entry/exit into permanent electronic media. All data systems on redundant air and electricity control systems are continuously duplicated and stored in the PenServ external data center, which can be activated immediately if necessary. PenServ offers 24/7 account access for plan sponsors and participants of desktop and smart mobile devices. Our systems offer customized adjustments to account reporting, dashboard format and reporting options.