Security Agency Agreement Sample

6. The enterprise shall exempt the employer from any right, loss or injury caused or caused to the employer by intentional acts or omissions or by negligence of security personnel employed by the enterprise during the service. like “the factory in question” and it wants to employ security guards to provide security services to the factory in question. (13) The stamp duty on this contract and its duplicate are the responsibility of the company. The original is kept by the employer and the company keeps the duplicate. (7) The employer shall pay an amount of Rs. …… (Rupees……… only) per vigil per month and a sum of Rs. …… by vigil during three national holidays for the services provided by the company no later than the 10th day of the following month, at the presentation of the law by the company. The employer cannot make payments to security guards and payment is made only to the company. 14.

Unless otherwise agreed, the communication addresses for all matters related to this Agreement are as follows: – 3. The company shall make available to its security personnel, at its own expense, the uniform, weapons, equipment, etc., necessary for the effective provision of security services to the employer. 5. The company agrees and undertakes that the security services provided by the security personnel are provided to the greatest satisfaction of the employer, and the company will inform the security personnel that the security personnel are workers of the company and have no rights against the employer and that the employer is not liable for the remuneration. Salary, indemnity and all statutory benefits due to security personnel under labor law and other laws, and the company is responsible for providing its employees with the services that are authorized by law/rules/conditions of service. The company represents …….