Utrecht Agreement 1713

Britain signed a similar contract with Spain (December 9, 1713). [5] Utrecht`s greatest claim to fame in the history of international law is the textual integration of the principle of the balance of power into the text of certain peace treaties. Article 2 of the Spanish-British Peace of 13 July 1713 (28 STCs 295) states verbatim that peace in Europe can only be maintained if the balance of power is respected. Therefore, the union of the crowns of France and Spain could never be tolerated and had to be excluded for the future. The article contained the various acts of cession of Philip V and the French princes, as well as their acceptance by Louis XIV. The article was based on similar clauses contained in the treaties of 11 April 1713, but which did not directly refer to balance in the main part of the article. But they also contained the same charters, all of which contained such a reference.