Welwyn Hatfield Council Tenancy Agreement

A secure rental method offered by registered boards or providers and granted for a fixed period of time. If you leave items after the end of the rental, we can release and dispose of the property. We will do this without notice and you will be charged the fee. Registered social landlords grant secure rentals. They are similar to the secure leases granted by the Commission. If you are designated for a property from the registered provider and you have a secure tenancy, your landlord will not be able to evict you without a court order, although the reasons for the property may be slightly different from those of a council tenant. Insured tenants can interact with board tenants as well as registered tenant providers and possibly purchase their home under the Right to Acquire program. If a family member or close friend dies, managing their affairs can be difficult. The first thing you need to do is inform us in writing for 28 days that you have to end the rental. End of rental forms are available from our local housing offices. You must tell us when (after the 28 days) the lease must be terminated.

Rentals must end on a Sunday and rent is due until the end date of the lease. We offer premium real estate with a fixed rental term of three years, usually with lower rental levels than the market would normally offer. If you rent a property, you must inform the board of the name of the tenant, the start date of the rental and the duration. If you use a rental agent, you can ask them to inform the board if there is a change of tenant. We usually accept these requests if the business does not disturb your neighbors. We reserve the right to revoke our consent if your company interferes with your neighbours. Full-time students are not included for municipal tax purposes, but we need proof that they are students. This usually means that each student must present a certificate of student status obtained from their college or university. Therefore, it is important that landlords or their agents tell the municipal tax unit the student`s name, the start date of the tenancy and the duration. Then we can contact them to check their status.

If you sublet your home without permission or in a way that violates the terms of your lease, we will take action against you. This could cause you to lose your home. In some cases, we allow you to sublet your home for up to six months. You must get our permission to do so, but be aware that you no longer have a safe rental if permission is granted. We will review all cases and explain our decision to you. “We are working really hard to create new communal housing through our affordable housing program.” The council spokeswoman said: “Unfortunately, there are far fewer community and housing corporations than there are people who want. They must allow us to access the property to carry out an inspection before it is empty. At the end of your rental, you must: After informing us of your intention to terminate the lease, you will receive a rental termination form that you must complete and return to us. Please note that we need your letter of intent in writing and the end of the notice period must be on a Monday. In exceptional cases where it is not possible to rehost yourself until the end of your flexible rental, the Council will allow you to stay in your current property for up to 2 years to find suitable alternative accommodation. .